FTZ Workers Union meeting
video (60 min. 2006)

A union meeting held with members, workers and representatives of the Union, at the Women’s Centre in Katunayake. The background for the meeting is a strike at a factory and victimisation of workers for joining the Union.

Free Trade Zone Workers Union
video (48 min. 2006)

It is an interview, with Anton Marcus, General Secretary of the Free Trade Zone Workers Union, about the politics and impact of the FTZs, the establishment of the union and the policy and impact of WB, IMF and the polics initiated in Sri Lankan in 1977.

Katunayake Free Trade Zone and the Kotmale project
video (55 min. 2006)

The video consists of two interviews, one with Vissa Chandrasekaram and one with Siri Hettige. Vissa Chandrasekaram is a human rights lawyer and Siri Hettige is professor and Chair of Sociology at the University of Colombo. They talk about the politics around the Kotmale and Mahaweli Project and the Free Trade Zones.

These videos are part of a series of videos, a billboard, texts and images that investigates the political context and impact of Free Trade Zones and the Kotmale project that were initiated in the late seventies in Sri Lanka, as well as the resistance and alternatives to the policy WTO suggests for the country today.

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