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The t.A.T.u. project

(color video, 56 min. Jesper Nordahl, 2009)

Through looking at the Russian pop duo t.A.T.u. the video looks into the possibillities
of visual art and popular culture (video/film and performance) to effect social change.

The video investigates the social and political significance of t.A.T.u., and focuses on
the singers Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova, and their former international promoter
Martin Martan.

t.A.T.u. created controversy early on in their career by insistently portraying the image
of being a lesbian couple. On their US tour in 2003 they visited the Jay Leno show on
the American TV-station NBC. The singers wore t-shirts with the text “Fuck the war!” to
protest against the war in Iraq, which at that time was just invaded by the US. In another
Japanese TV-show the duo could be seen wearing t-shirts addressing the disputed
islands located between Russia and Japan.


Still from the video The t.A.T.u. Project (color video, 56 min. Jesper Nordahl, 2009)