The Women's Centre - billboard


Jesper Nordahl 2006

The billboard was made in collaboration with The Women's Centre in Sri Lanka, which was established to protect and empower women workers in the Free Trade Zones. The billboard is part of a broader project, which includes a series of videos that investigate the political context and impact of the Kotmale hydropower project, initiated in the late 1970s, the ongoing political impact of the Free Trade Zones and the resistance and alternatives to the policies that the World Trade Organization propose for the country now.

image to the right:
installation view from the Norberg Project in Norberg, July-August 2006

Translations for the posters (starting from left/up)
first row:
(1) Let’s unite & win our rights! United May Day Rally 1st May. / Procession commences at 1 p.m. at Peliyagoda Rally at 4 p.m. at the Wattala Town Hall. / Pragathi Society, National Independent Trade Congress, Sri Lanka. Technical Transport & Common Workers’ Union. Free Trade Zone Union
(2) The World is Not for Sale! Let’s Defeat the WTO Trade Madness! / Protest by the People, 16th December, 12.30 p.m. In front of the Fort Railway Station / National Alliance to Prevent the Negative Effects of the World Trade Organization
second row:
(3) Our Task – to assemble all female forces as one, against oppression and suppression of society towards female workers as well as all other women. / Women’s Centre … Head Office - 52/61, Peiris Watte, Ekala, Ja-ela. 2231152. / Branch Offices - 15/28, Jayawardanapura, Amandoluwa, Seeduwa. 4831649, 530/5, Pradeepagama Road, Walgama, Malwana. 2488467, 10/1, Matara Road, Habaraduwa. 09-1-2283424 / Certain dates to remember: 8th March International Women’s Day; 21st March, International Day of Abolishing Ethnicity Based Discrimination; 28th April, Day Commemorating Workers; 1st May, May Day; 1st October, International Day for Children and Adults; 25th November, International Day of Abolishing Violence Against Women; 1st December, World AIDS Day; 10th December, Human Rights Day
(4) Let’s ensure women’s right to move about freely. Let’s celebrate the International Women’s Day at 6 p.m. / The procession with torches, of the Katunayake Free Trade Zone will commence at Averiwatte Junction at 6 p.m. and will reach the Female Workers’ Dwelling through Amandoluwa, Jayawardanapura. / (Street dramas, dancing & singing items) Mothers and daughters of Sri Lanka
third row:
(5) Your job is in peril! Garment quotas for December 2004, over! / To protect your rights, join Elami Member – Free Trade Zone and Common Workers’ Union
(6) We Don’t Want the War! (NO WAR). United Trade Union Front
(7) Denounce the reproaching of female labourers! Let’s celebrate the International Women’s Day! Sunday 7th March. / Commemoration meeting at 4.30 p.m. Procession at 3 p.m. at Amandoluwa in Katunayake Jayawardenepura.Cultural programme at 6 p.m. / At the Female Workers’ Dwelling 15/28, Jayawardenepura Amandoluwa - Seeduwa
fourth row:
(8) Workers engaged in Sub Contracts are also entitled to workers’ rights. Give us our rights! / Women’s Centre. Female Workers’ Dwelling
fifth row:
(9) Denounce Minister Bogollagama’s activities that establish the BOI as an organization which throws out workers from their factories. / Free Trade Zone & Common Service Workers’ Union
(10) Denounce the Opposition of Employers to the Budget-approved pay raise! / Protest to force the pay raise of Rs.2500/- to be legalized for the Private Sector. / August 11, 2005 at 12 noon In front of the Fort Railway Station / Free Trade Zone & Common Service Workers’ Union
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