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The Womens' Centre
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(color video, 43 min. 2006)

The Women_s Centre is based on a group interview with women (workers and activists)
connected to the Women_s Centre at Katunayake Free Trade Zone in Sri Lanka. The main
issues discussed in the video are the circumstances and politics around the free trade
zones, gender politics and women rights in the zone and the society.

This video are part of the Kotmale/Katunayake Free Trade Zone project that consists of a
series of videos, a billboard, texts and images that investigates the political context and
impact of Free Trade Zones and the Kotmale project, as well as WB and IMF restructural
adjustment policies initiated in the late seventies in Sri Lanka, and the policies that WTO

suggests for the country today. The project investigates the relation between capitalism
and gender structures; cartographies
of struggle; and counter hegemonic narratives.  

Above: Katunayake Free Trade Zone (2006) at globale, Berlin, 2007. Seminary
(as part of the installation) on Free Trade Zones with Padmini and Ayomi
from The Women’s Centre.

Katunayake FTZ and The Kotmale Project (2006) at Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, studio 2, 2006